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Baldassari Cavi is on the market as one of the leading manufacturers of low voltage electrical cables, confirming the route taken of constant growth over the years in terms of turnover and product range.

Baldassari Cavi products have achieved qualitative excellence through years of research and experimentation, transforming selected raw materials with the most modern manufacturing processes available today, producing cables exceeding the applicable norms or standards.
Products quality has always been our company priority, that is recognized nationally and internationally from the numerous approvals obtained during the years.

Our technical and managerial resources are constantly keeping up with technological progress to guarantee a lean and punctual production, staying ahead of an ever-changing market demand, with a special attention to product innovations.

Baldassari Cavi manufactures a wide range of cables suitable for every type of use:

  • national and european standards cables for power, for signalling and control, both for civil and industrial uses
  • harmonized cables for indoor and outdoor installation, for special wiring applications
  • cables for photovoltaic systems approved through the most stringent process
  • “Green Line” cables series that includes all the families of halogen-free, low smoke and flame retardant (LS0H) cables for the safety and protection of people and property
  • cables for special applications, like oil resistant, low and high temperatures, manufactured according to the strictest standards in the industry