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In case of fire: higher security with REPERO® cables

CPR Regulations

The European community included electrical cables in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), with the aim of increasing safety in case of fire. The regulation entered in force for all EU members the 1st July 2013, even if the applicability to electric cables started on the 10th June 2016. The regulation covers all products manufactured to be permanently installed in buildings and other civil engineering works (e.g.: homes, industrial and commercial buildings, offices, hospitals, schools, subways, etc.). The aim of the CPR is to guarantee the free circulation of products in the European Community establishing a harmonised technical language to define a classification system with stricter reaction to fire test methods. Cables are classified into seven classes of fire reaction, according their decreasing performances.

Each class has a minimum threshold for the heat release and flame propagation, besides additional requirements such as smoke opacity, dripping of incandescent parts and acidity/corrosivity. To overcome the most demanding requirements of the new test methodology, new cables have been developed, with a different name from the current products, which have the reaction to fire performance lower than those required by the CPR.

Baldassari Cavi has developed a new line of cables (REPERO®, REPERO® PLUS and REPERO® ULTRA) that meets all the reaction to fire requirements of the regulation: to better identify the new products in the warehouses REPERO® is easily identifiable with distinctive labels on products and packaging. The new REPERO® cable line meets all the requirements of the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) which is mandatory since 1st July 2017.